The Webhosting module

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How does it work?


For a small activation fee, we will give you your own website from where you can sell custom domains and web hosting services.

For every sale you make, you will earn a commission which is paid into your bank account.

You are able to sell any .com, .org, .net and up to 300 different domain extensions for very cheap prices that people will find very attractive.

Yes. people will find your prices very attractive because you are cheaper than most companies that sell domain names and web hosting services in Nigeria!

For example sells .com for N3,900 and Domain King sells for N3800... But you sell for N3750! which is an advantage

For the web server, you will also have a huge advantage. While most companies are selling per month, you will be charging per day! Yes you will be giving your users full flexibility!

You wont need any special skill to sell these domain names or servers....

Customers come to your site to search and pay for domain names and server. We handle any technical question they have for you.

We give your customers the impression that we work for your technical team. *wink*


How much commissions will I make?


So for domain names the commission depends on the extension the customer buys.. For example, you get 7% commission on every .com .

For server space, you get a massive 30% commission.


What will the address of the website be?


"". however "" is also possible. But its costs a little bit extra

How Much does it cost?

Its just N5,500! per year. Yes Just N5,500 and you will have your own functional online business..making sales every day!

Web Hosting Module

If you interested in selling domain names and web server space, then this module is definitely for you. When you activate this module, you get a fully functional website that allows you to sell over 350 TLDs and server space. This module allows you to sell shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers.

Please use the back and front arrows to learn about this module. Then have a live chat with us using facebook messenger.