Having A Custom Domain Name For Your Site

Ehis Asibor

By default, the URL or website address of all commissions.ng agent websites come in this format "sitename.commissions.ng".

However, it is possible to have a custom domain name having an extension that you want.  

These custom domain names come at a fee, which must be paid before they can be implemented.

Currently, the cost of implementing a .com is 5,000 /year.

The cost of .com.ng is 3,500/year.

The cost of .ng is 13,000/year

For all other extensions. Please chat with a customer care representative to get the latest prices.

The prices stated above are for purchasing the domain name and configuration.

If you already have a domain name which you wish to use, then a configuration fee of 3,000/year must be paid.

After payment, please change the name servers of the domain name to the following

  • hope.ns.cloudflare.com
  • rudy.ns.cloudflare.com

After payment for the custom domain name, it may take between 24h - 48h for the custom domain name to be effective.

Please note that all domain names purchased by commissions.ng on behalf of our customers is the property of the customer.

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