How Much Is My Commission?

Ehis Asibor

The commission you earn is dependent on the module that you have activated.

Market Place or E-Commerce Module

There are thousands of products listed on the e-commerce website, so the commission varies from product to product.

Generally speaking, the agent who made the sale will get anywhere between 1.5% to 30% of the item list price.

Hotels Module

For every successful booking made,  the agent will get a commission of 2%.

Webhosting Module

Agents earn 7% commission on every domain name sale. This commission is paid every year the domain is renewed as long as the agent subscription remains active on

Agents earn 30% commission on every web server sold.

Travels Module

Agents earn a flat commission of N2,000 for every flight ticket sold. The commission is subject to change because agents have the liberty of increasing the price of tickets slightly, so that they can earn more.

Reseller (Business) Module

Agents get anywhere between 20%-55% commission. This is because agents are at liberty to increase the prices of the modules they sell.

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