What Is E-wallet?

Peace Bello

Your e-wallet is your online account on Commissions.ng that is used to store your money. The money stored in your e-wallet could be your earnings (sales/booking commissions or referral bonuses), or deposits made by you for easy transaction.

The funds in your e-wallet can be withdrawn into your bank account. Your commissions.ng ewallet is completely different from your oneshopper wallet.

To access your e-wallet, visit commissions.ng/login to login to your dashboard, and click on the "e-wallets" icon.

On your e-wallet page, you will find the following details:

  1. A link to provide your bank details.
  2. Available balance, total pending balance, most recent outflow, and most recent inflow.
  3. Transaction details (date, description, amount, and status).

Click here to see how you can cash-out from your e-wallet.

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