Implementing Google Analytics

Ehis Asibor

All sites come with a very basic visitor counter.

To get more in-depth information about your website's visitors, the recommendation is to use Google Analytics.

You can implement Google Analytics by taking the following steps:

NOTE: You will need a Google account to be able to use Google Analytics. If you already have a Google account and this is your first time with analytics, skip to  step 3.  If you already have a Google Analytics account, skip to step 7.

Step 1: Visit the following link to create a Google account using your existing email address.

Step 2:  Complete the Google sign-up process.

Step 3: Sign into Google Analytics page by visiting the following link ., then select Analytics

Step 4:  Click Sign up 

Step 5: Make sure you are on the website tab, Then use the following information

  • Account Name: SiteName
  • Websitename:  Sitename
  • Website URL :  Use your full website address. If you have a custom domain name, use it instead
  • Industry Category : Shopping (for ecommerce module, Travel ( for hotels module) , Internet and Telecom  (for web hosting module). If you have more than one module, then select anyone.
  • Reporting Time zone: Nigeria

Step 6: Get Tracking ID. You must accept terms and conditions to continue.

Step 7: Copy the tracking code as show in the image below

Step 8:  Log into your dashboard

Step 9: Click on MY WEBSITES, select your module and click on SETTINGS.

Step 10: Click on "Snippets"

Step 11:  Paste your Google Analytics code into the field provided and save.

Step 13: Visit the homepage of your website.

Step 14: Go back to Google Analytics and click home. You should start seeing your website traffic now.  It may take a few hours before Google recognizes the code and start displaying data for the first time.

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