What Marketing Tools Are Available To Agents ?

Ehis Asibor

Some of the marketing tools available to agents on commissions.ng are as follows:

1. Email Marketing

With email marketing, you provide the email addresses of your potential customers and we will send them newsletters regularly on your behalf.  These newsletters will appear like they have been sent from your website.

Email marketing is a free service.

Visit https://commissions.ng/members/marketing to get started.

2. EasyShare

Easy Share is our tool that enables you to use social media efficiently. When you signup for Easyshare, you will receive one email from us daily about a product you should share on social media. To share this product, you simply click on the link in the email and the product will be shared.  You do not need to log unto your website to search for this product.

This product can be shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

Easyshare is a free service.

Visit https://commissions.ng/members/marketing to enable EasyShare.

3. Sponsored Posts

By leverage on our sister site, Adblabla.com, we can arrange for bloggers to write articles about your website. This service comes at a fee.

4. Facebook Ads.

We can also arrange to have Facebook ads for your website.

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