Earning From Referrals

Peace Bello

Apart from earning commissions on sales and bookings made from your site, you can also earn referral bonus for every person you refer to activate a site on our platform using your unique referral code or link. See how to get your unique referral link/code here.

Anybody that signs up using your unique referral link automatically becomes your downlink.

The system has a multi-level structure that pays you a bonus within your network activates one of our website packages'

The bonuses you earn are extras to the commissions you make by driving traffic to your website and generating sales. IT IS NOT THE PRIMARY WAY TO EARN on commissions.ng.

When you invites a friend using your referral link, you earn 8% of the activation fee. When your friend invite their friends, you earn 6% of their activation fees.

This system is just our way of saying thank you everytime you tell someone about commissions.ng

This system is just our way of saying thank you every time you tell someone about commissions.ng.

You can see all you your downlinks on the referral network page on your dashboard.

You can also see your earnings from referrals on the e-wallet page on your dashboard.

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