What Is The Difference Between Referral Bonus And Business Module Commission?

Itohan Bello

The referral  system has a multi-level structure that pays you a bonus when people within your network activates any of our website packages.

The bonuses you earn are extras to the commissions you make by driving traffic to your website and generating sales. IT IS NOT THE PRIMARY WAY TO EARN.

When you invites a friend using your referral link you earn 8% of the activation fee, when your friend invites their friends you earn 6% of their activation fees

The business module is a special module that makes you a re-seller of our services using your own brand name. This module allows you to resell any of our modules to your own customers at whatever price you choose.

On all modules including the business module, you get referral bonuses up to 4 generations

As an agent on any of our modules aside from the business module you get a commission of between 1.5-30% when you make a sale.

As a business module owner, commissions on sales on your module is between 10-38%  based on your business profit. Commissions.ng has no say as to what agents earn or make from buying from you but this is usually between 10-38% whichever you choose.

Please note that referral bonuses on all modules are static.

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