How To Complete A Booking On Your Website.

Peace Bello

Follow these simple steps to successfully complete a booking on your website.

1. Search for the hotel you want to book for using any of the parameters (name or location).

2. Select the hotel you are interested in from the suggestions in the search result.

3. Fill the information required on the right side of the page and clicks "Make Booking".

4. At this point, you will get a pop-up that says "Transferring to".

5. Click on "Ok, proceed" and you will be transferred to a webpage on where you will complete the booking.

6. Fill in the required information which include selecting the type of room you want, selecting the check in and check out date, number of adults staying in the room, number of rooms. Click on "Book Now".

7. Fill in the required information on the Secured Checkout page and click the "Complete Reservation" button.

You can either pay using your ATM card, bank deposit, or at the hotel.

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