Agents FAQs

What is commissions.ng?
Commissions.ng is a platform that allows anyone to start an e-commerce business. With us, you do not have to worry about how you will get a website or how you will get the items to sell. We provide both the site and the items to sell. All you need to do is focus on sales. When you make a sale, we handle the delivery too.
How do I earn or make money from commissions.ng
You earn commissions on anything you sell from your site. You also get a referral bonus for inviting friends.
How do I get the paid?
When you earn commissions, we do a transfer directly to your bank account.
How much commission do I make for each sale.
The commission you make is dependent on the product you sell. It is always 49% of the commission available for the product.This could be as high as N 50,000 on a product or as low as N500. It all depends on the product.
What kind of items are available for sale
We have over 50 categories of items and you have the flexibility to choose some or all of the categories. Example categories are fashion, phones, tablets, electronics, furniture etc
How do I get traffic to my site
You can advertise your website on social media, WhatsApp, BBM or any way you want. To make the process easy for you, we send daily marketing tips to all our users who have activated a site
How do I pay the site activation fee?
You can pay directly online using your ATM card, or you can transfer to our GTB bank account. Details of the bank account is available on our site.
Who does the advertising of the websites?
It is the job of the agents to create awareness about their websites. However, our marketing experts regularly send them marketing tips to boost their efforts.

Vendors FAQs

How do I sign up as a vendor?
Visit www.commissions.ng
- click on "sign up as a vendor" and follow through...
How much do I register with?
Signing up as a vendor on commissions.ng is FREE...
After listing my product, what next?
Your listing will be reviewed by one of our vendors manager and if there is not need for clarification, he will approve it.

After approval, the product becomes live on all our agents' websites.
How much commission do you charge?
As a vendor on commissions.ng, you determine how much commission(s) you are willing to give on your product(s)
How is commissions.ng different from other e-commerce platform?
On commissions.ng, your product(s)(items) is showcased on various e-commerce web stores, numerous channels that increase visibility and sales volume.
What is the benefit(s) of signing up as a vendor on commissions.ng?
On commissions.ng, you get 10x more visibility which guarantees a high number in sales volume.
I am based outside of Lagos, can I signup on commissions.ng?
For quality assurance purpose, a physical verification of product(s) needs to be undertaken. Therefore, if we can have these product(s) in Lagos, that would be perfect.
I have my products listed already on other sites, can I still list on commissions.ng?
Yes, you can. However, regular update on your inventory and any change to your available quantity is needed.
Do you warehouse or pick-up?
We are working on a warehousing solution, which will be communicated across in the nearest future. However, our logistics partners are readily available to pick up product(s)(items) from you for delivery.
My products are bespoke (not already made). Can I list them?
Yes, you can. However, we would have to see previously made sample(s) that has to pass Quality Assurance & Quality Control process to ensure you can deliver consistent quality.
Where are the hundreds of e-commerce websites coming from?
The sites are owned by agents of commissions.ng who own independent sites e.g "www.yourname.com". To be an agent and create your own site, signup here
Can I view a list of the hundreds of sites where my product(s) will be listed?
This feature is only available to vendors who have up to 20 products on the platform
How much will be displayed for my product(s) on the platform?
The price you specify for your product(s) + credit card fees included will be displayed.
What kind of product(s) can I list?
You can list any verifiable product and or service on commissions.ng
What do I do when my prices change?
You can update your prices at any time from your dashboard.
Who is a Vendor?
A vendor is any individual or corporate organization that has products(items) for sale.