This module makes you a reseller of modules!

You get your own website, just like ours!

From your website, you can sell our modules to your customers

The same way we are selling to you right now.

We have three(3) business modules.

1) Business Travels
2) Business Market Place
3) Business Webhosting

Each one allows you to sell one type of module

You are allowed to get the three business modules.

If you get the three, you can sell any of our web modules.

You can also fix your own prices... to earn more

How do customers pay you for the module ??

They can pay online or via bank transfer to us or you.


How much is the commission?


Use the commission calculator on this page to calculate how much you will make.


Who provides technical assistance to your customers?


We provide all the help and manage the websites for your customers. You only focus on selling!

How do I market the website to people

You can market anyway you choose. But we recommend social media alot!

Getting Started


What's the procedure to start?


Choose a site name, the business module you want and pay the activation fee. This activation fee is a yearly payment.


Are there any hidden fees or other charges?


No. Your website will be up and running immediately after you make payment.


How do I pay the activation fee?


You can pay online using you ATM card or make a bank transfer to us.


What will the address of the website be?


"". however "" is also possible.

Sales & Marketing


How do I market my website?


We have several free tools to assist your marketing efforts.

...Examples include Email Marketing, Easyshare, Sponsored Posts and Facebook ads.

What's next?

Create your website now!
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The Business Module

As a business module owner, you are a reseller of our other modules.

You will get a website similar to ours and from this website you can sell any of our modules to your customers.

Owners of our business module can sell at any price they want and they earn commissions ranging from 20% - 55%. Use the calculator below to estimate how much you can make selling our business module.