You asked for it and we are thrilled to announce that you can now activate the Reseller-(Business)-Travels-Module

We have implemented a new touch on our Business Modules  by releasing a new module which is the Business Travels Module on the 25th of October 2019. It is certainly a profitable module as you can easily make anywhere from 10% and 38% as profit per transaction.

The Business Travels Module  is accessible to anyone anywhere in Nigeria. It designed to allow interested people do what we do at and earn in the process. This means as an owner of the business travels module, you are a re-seller of our Travels also known as flight booking modules. You get a website just like ours where you can sell our travels modules for a profit. You get the modules at a discounted price and you can sell at any price you want to earn more.

The business Travels Module allows you to sell our flight booking website to your customers. Your customers will have a website from which their own customers will sell international flights tickets to people to any part of the world from any part of the world at competitive prices.

Your customers will get commission from every successful bookings and also allows them to increase the prices of tickets slightly, so that you can earn more.

Don’t worry, we will not hang you out to dry. The same support we give to people who buy directly from us is what we give to your customers.

There are no tedious prerequisite to having this module, except of course, your marketing skills.

At, we are committed to finding new ways for our agents to earn. Check the profit calculator now to see how much you can earn per sale or visit

Visit to view preview and get started… Everyone Earns.

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