3 Important Branding Materials for Your New Business

Have you just started a business? Maybe you’ve been at it for 8 months, 1 year, or even over a year. Branding can change the whole business game and reposition your business for more than just existence.

Your marketing budget should not only be spent on internet marketing like ads, printing branding materials should be something you should look into.

What is a brand?
Your brand is the life of your business, your essence, your unique identity, how your business relates with the outside world, and what your customers know about you. It’s your corporate image. Your brand identity includes your logo, typography, packaging, colours, customer service, etc,

In this post, I have assembled some branding materials we have made available for you when you activate a website on Commissions.ng. All you have to do is to head to your dashboard and click click… It’s that simple.

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3 Branding Materials You Can Easily Get Started With.

After you have set up your contact details, custom theme and template to personalize your website, you have created a logo for your business, don’t stop there. On your Commissions.ng dashboard, we have added a very easy way for you to get started with your branding materials.

1.       Business Registration

Business Registration

It’s very important to get your business registered. This confirms that you own this business. It gives you some form of protection under the law. You can also easily use your business name to open an account on behalf of your business. Business registration also increases your business credibility.


There are two business registration options on your dashboard; Business Name Registration (Sole Proprietorship), Company Corporate Registration (LTD). With this option, we help you go through the whole process of the registration.

2.       Personalized Business Cards


Business Cards


A business card is one of the most important branding and marketing too. It is important because it helps with your networking. It’s a tangible statement that says “This is us”. It conveys important contact information in one place, and may even be the first contact a customer has with your brand.
On your dashboard, there are different business card options you can choose from according to your budget. Business cards also show that you are professional and serious about your business.


3.       Branded Face Masks


Face Mask


This is a very simple way to get your brand in front of people. While everyone is putting on a face mask, yours can stand out by carrying your business name or logo.

For just N5,500, you can get 10 pieces of face masks carrying your brand. You can also use these face masks as incentives to your customers to constantly remind them and the people around them about your brand.

Additional Branding Option

When you get a website on Commissions.ng with a custom domain, you have an additional branding option, which is the custom email hosting option. Custom emails e.g yourname@businessname.com aids in marketing. Instead of using a regular Gmail or Yahoo email address to send marketing contents or proposals, for a very small fee, you can get a custom email for your business. It shows professionalism and seriousness. Get more information about the email hosting here.

How to Get Started

If you have not already started your business by activating a website, visit https://commissions.ng/create to choose from the different business options we provide and get started.

If you already have a website with us, visit https://commissions.ng/login to login to your dashboard, click on Corporate Image and get started.

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