We have made a very significant change to the home page of the Marketplace module by redesigning it as we have gotten feedback from some of our customers.

Hundreds of customers are coming to Commissions.ng every day to activate a website and start an e-commerce business. And last week, we rolled out a simpler and easier way to navigate Homepage experience that offers quick access to some most searched categories and products and also give your customers a very good experience.

So, what’s new?

1. Find Important Product Segment Easier: product segments such as Products on Sale, New Arrival, Shipped from Abroad, are now easier to find on the new home page. Customers can easily view products in these segments for quick order. The products are also now better arranged.

2. Customizable Advertising and Marketing Banners: these banners come in different everywhere on the homepage and can be used for different marketing targets and goals e.g. promoting the great prices you’re offering, special discounts, or other promotional ad spaces.  What better way to draw prospects in than to offer them a deal the moment they arrive?

3. An Additional Opportunity to Earn: The Product Segments and Ad Banners on the homepage as 100% customizable, therefore, giving you an additional opportunity to earn. How do you earn with these banners? You can get ad contracts from people that are willing to market on your website, get paid to upload their ads on your site and run the ad for the time period they paid for. All these settings can be carried out on your dashboard. To learn more about how to carry out this setting on your dashboard, please visit our Knowledge Base.

While some features remain the same, they now appear in a better way, easier to navigate and with a more aesthetic look. Some of the improved features include:

1. Search by Categories: Customers can now easily see your website categories on 3 different areas on your website; 2 at the top and 1 at the bottom of the page. This allows customers to easily navigate the different categories at any point of their journey through the website.

2. Airtime Purchase: we noticed that customers may not easily be able to notice the airtime purchase (recharge) option on the side flank of the website, so we have added a new Airtime Purchase button just under the main banner of the website.

3. Contact us: the phone numbers to contact you or our customer support team that assists you are right at the top of the page, but we have also added another button just under the main banner of the website.

If you are using the mobile version to view your website, the hamburger menu is there to serve you for easy navigation.

The new homepage also emphasizes the bold, beautiful, and user-friendly design that you’ve come to expect from us. But it doesn’t matter what we think about it. Let us know what you think at hello@commissions.ng or anywhere else you interact with Commissions.ng

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