Financial freedom has been one of the most important goals of any adult in the world, but it seems like gaining financial freedom is a serious chore, as you need a great business idea, a huge capital, and a great execution strategy.

What if we told you that gaining financial freedom is a cinch?
What if you could start a business with a very small amount of money?
What if you could start an online travels business with less than ₦15,000?

It would be very good news, right? We agree with you too; it is good news!

The travels business is a huge one in recent times as travels spend is increasing year on year. According to Fitsmall Business, $1.3 trillion was spent on global business travel (alone) in 2017, bringing in a staggering amount of revenue. This industry has been on an upward trend for the past several years and is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2022.

Now, here’s the good news - Starting from today, March 29, 2019, you can start an online travels business with just ₦12,500 when you partner with has launched the Travels Module as the latest module for anyone who wants to start a business without having a lump sum capital. As usual, we provide you with a predesigned website that you can immediately start using, while we handle all the technicalities about the business.

Another interesting fact is that this module works worldwide, so anyone anywhere can get one. The website comes with PayPal payment method to allow your customers pay in different currencies including Nigerian Naira, US Dollar, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, Canadian Dollar, Euros, and Pounds.

Activating the travel module on allow you to have a website with which you can sell international flight tickets at very competitive prices. To sweeten the deal for your customers, you can add the Hotels Module, so that your customers can book their flight tickets and hotels from you.

This module, like all the other previous modules, is a great way to kick-start and funnel your ambition of being a business owner and gaining financial freedom.

To get started, visit

If you want to get more information about all our modules, click here. 

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