Getting a business started can be intimidating and very exhausting. Finding the right ideas, dealing with the cost implications and getting it up and running successfully is no small wahala.

 Simply having the idea on how to start a business is just the beginning. Business ventures that are lower in risk help take some of that worrying out of the equation.

Fortunately, has developed a few access ways into some business industries without breaking the bank. The concept is to enable anyone start up with minimum skill requirement, and without a large upfront investment.

Here are 4 Businesses you can start with less than N15000

1.  The Market Place module (eCommerce Business)

This module is an eCommerce website just like Konga or Jumia, and it comes preloaded with 5000+ products

You make money from this module by selling the products on the website. For every sale you make, you earn a commission.

2.   The Hotel Module ( Hotel Booking Business)

When you get this module, you get a hotel booking website that comes pre-loaded with 1300+ hotels spread across the 36 states of Nigeria.

You earn money from this module by promoting the website and getting your customers to search for and make hotel reservations. For every successful reservation that is made, you earn a commission every day the customer stays at the hotel.

3.   The Webhosting Module (Domain name and web hosting services)

This module gives you a website from where you can sell almost any available domain name. In addition to selling domain names, you also get to sell webhosting services too, daily hosting plans are also available.

For every domain name you sell or webhosting services you get a commission

4.   The Travel Module (International Flight booking services)

Activating the travel module give you a website where you can sell international flight tickets globally at very competitive prices.

To sweeten the deal you can decide to mark up the prices of the tickets on the website. For every sale you make, you earn a commission.

Amazingly, handles everything involved, including customer service and logistics.

Visit to see preview and get started 

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