It is safe to say there is no universally accepted price for any web design project. However, we can attempt to give you an idea of what it will cost you to design a functional quality E-commerce website. In the past starting an e-commerce business was highly capital intensive. Business owners spent heavily on hiring website programmers to design websites for them. But the tides have long turned since then. Now you can start selling online with much lower budget than some years back.

Is your product suitable to be sold directly on your website? Are you planning a product catalog that will allow customers to browse through and select something to buy? Or are you looking for a website that works as a marketing tool so that people will buy your product? Answering these questions will go a long way in deciding what kind of website and how much money you would really have to put up. Manufacturers and vendors will probably showcase their products on their website and then direct users to the e-commerce websites of their authorized retailers to buy the product.

To know the cost in setting up your e-commerce website, you will have to:

1. Test Your Product’s Appeal: Before deploying an e-commerce website for selling your products online, it may be a good idea to test the appeal. You can do this by signing up to sell via a marketplace offered by an already established online store or e-commerce website.

2. Choose the Right E-commerce Platform: There are several affordable options available on the internet to setup your online store. They have many features including customization, mobile support, payment portal and technical support for your website.

3. Budget for Marketing: Your products are not just going to sell themselves after you have created your online store. You need to market your business to your target audience so that they find your website and hopefully find something worth buying. 

And you might decide to go with the option of creating your website from the scratch. From research, we can deduce that the cheapest e-commerce website using the cheapest plan is:

Domain: N 1500

Hosting: N 2000

Setting up a website: N 5000

Template/Theme: N 20,000

Design: Assuming Homepage is @ N 5000 and 4 other pages @ N 2000 (N 13,000).

E-commerce software

Shipping and Delivery.

Credit Card Merchant Account.

Total Minimum cost of a standard 5 page website in Nigeria N 41,500.

All of these costs including miscellaneous fees such as products outsourcing can be roughly estimated at N 75,000-N 90,000.

Advantageously, with, customers do not incur the cost of creating, designing and managing the websites, sourcing for the products to sell, the cost of keeping inventory or the cost of trying to determine what products to promote and what not to promote? Or even the cost of logistics and having to deliver sold items to buyers? All these are handled by The only thing expects from her customers is…Marketing and Sales. provides the products and services to her customers and the customer makes the sale. For each sale made, the customer earns a commission. All of these with just 8 clicks for a favorable price of N 8,500 only. 

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