How it Works

How it Works for Agents

    To sell other people's products and make money from, you must sign up as an Agent.

    Agents make money in three ways .
    • Commissions earned on sales they make
    • Referral bonuses when they invite their friends to come and sell
    • Commssions from sales their friends make.

    All agents get their own personalized ecommerce website that comes pre-loaded with the products they choose to sell. The agents focus on selling and we handle everything else, including deliveries.

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Please watch the videos to understand how being an agent works and earning structures of agents.

For Agents

Your Website Features


Your website comes loaded with products ready for immediate sale. It even has promos and deals to match the current season


You can connect it to or use

Payment Channels

Your website is designed to handle credit card payments, bank transfers and even pay on delivery.


Its available via the https protocol as security is guaranteed using a valid SSL certificate from Comodo™ .

Customer Care

Our customer care team is your customer care team. We will handle all your customer care needs.

Social Media

You can integrate it with your social media accounts to simplify the marketing process.

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