About Us

Commissions.ng is managed by Asterix Innovative Solutions Ltd, a company registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commissions in 2011 with RC No. 959033.

In addition to commissions.ng, Asterix Innovative Solutions also manages Justfrom5k.com and Adblabla.com. Justfrom5k.com is a freelance platform for strictly services, while Adblabla is a free advertisement network.

The headquarters of the company is located at Unit 10 Daniel Garden Estate, Olwell linkso Street.Off Dream-World Africana Way, Eleganza, 2nd Toll Gate, Lekki Lagos State, Nigeria For more information please email corporate@commissions.ng, corporate@adblabla.com or corporate@justfrom5k.com

Justfrom5k.com was launched in May 2014, Adblabla in December 2015, while commissions.ng was launched in August 2017.

Mission Statement

To leverage on technology, innovation and the strong social and family ties in Africa to complete revamp the eCommerce experience.


To reduce poverty and unemployment in Africa by eliminating all barriers associated with ecommerce thus enabling all Africans to sell from Africa to the rest of the world.