four types of websites

Three Profitable Modules + The New Travels Module

The Market Place Module.

This module is an e-comemrce website just like Konga or Jumia, and it comes preloaded with 5000+ products

You make money from this module by selling the products on the website. For every sale you make, you earn a commission that varies from 1.5% to 30%


The Hotels Module

When you get this module, you get a hotel booking website that comes pre-loaded with 1300+ hotels spread across the 36 states of Nigeria.

You earn money from this module by promoting the website and getting your customers to search for and make hotel reservations. For every successful reservation that is made, you earn a commission of 2% on everyday the customer stays at the hotel.


The Webhosting Module.

This module gives you a website from where you can sell almost any available domain name.In addition to selling domain names, you also get to sell webhosting services too.

for every domain name you sell, you earn 7% commission and 30% commission when you sell webhosting services.


Focus on Profit

The key value of is that you can focus on making sales and profit while we handle everything else.


Fully Customizable

The logo, phone numbers, email address, domain name, etc. All our modules allow you to change these things and much more


100% Technical Support

All our modules comes 100% with 24 x 7 technical support to keep the website up and running non stop.



Become a Reseller. Get the Business Modules

Our Business Module makes you a reseller of our other modules. You get your own website, fix your prices and then resell the marketplace, hotels or webhosting modules for higher margins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Can I upload and sell my own products?

Yes you can! Your products will be available for sale on your site and also on all the sites on our network.

How do I drive traffic to my website

Our recommendation is for you to use Social Media. We have a free tool called Easyshare which makes it easy for you to share the items on your website on Social Media to drive sales and traffic

How do I get paid?

After earning commissions from the sales of items on your website, these funds can be withdrawn into your bank account. There is no minimum amount before you cash out.

Can I remove from my site address ?

Absolutely yes!. You can use any domain name you want. However, there are extra costs. A .com cost ₦5000 extra, cost ₦3500 and .ng cost ₦13,000 extra

How do I know when I make sales or hotel bookings ?

You will receive an alert about any transaction that happens on your website. Using this alert you can track the status of the transaction. You also ge the full contact details of the customer.

When I make sales, who handles the delivery ?

We handle everything concerning your website EXCEPT sales and marketing. You focus on sales and marketing and we handle the delivery and everything else.

How long is my payment for a module for ?

Your payment for any of our modules is a yearly subscription. At the end of the year, a renewal will be needed

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! Our online payment is powered by Flutterwave which guarantees 100% safety and security of your payment.

Got more questions ? Please search our knowledge base for answers