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Easy because you focus on only sales, while we handle everything else.

Make Money from Domain Names and Webhosting.

Every company needs a website and every website needs a domain name! You can make money online by selling domains and webhosting services to these companies.

So here is our offer details to you.

  1. A personalized website from which people can buy domain names and webhosting services from you
  2. This website will operate in your brand name
  3. You can sell domain names to anyone worldwide
  4. On every domain name, you will earn 7% commission
  5. You earn 30% commission on webhosting services
  6. We will handle all technical requests from your customers on your behalf

The website is SEO friendly, and no special skill is required to operate it. You focus on making sales why we handle everything else for you.


Free Training

When you succeed, we succeeed. That is why we offer free digital marketing training to everyone who gets one of predesigned website packages.

Free Customer Support

Your customers are our customers, so our customer care team is 100% available to support your business .

Free Hosting and Security Updates

All our website packages are hosted for free on our servers. This makes it possible so us to continuously keep them secure and updated.

Free Marketing Tools

With tools like EasyShare, eMail Marketing, Live Chat, Social Media Integration and a Chatbot, your new online business comes with the tools to simplify your marketing efforts

Fully Customizable

The logo, phone numbers, email address, domain name, etc. You can update any of our online business package to reflect your identity.

Free Technical Support

Every package you get from us comes with free 24 x 7 technical support.


Would You like to become a Reseller of our Business Packages in Nigeria?

Our Reseller Package makes you a reseller of our predesigned businesses. You will be able to operate using your own brand name and seller at very high margins

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